Professional On-Line & Line-Interactive UPS Solutions

True Double Conversion 1.0kVA - 20kVA & 30kVA -  800kVA


Output Power Factor 0.9 - Rack/Tower 2 in 1 Design - LCD Display - Perfect Battery Pack







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FSP On-Line UPS Systems



FSP High-Level Power Solution

Modern UPS - Best Quality - Best Service - Best Price


- Modern technology and complete UPS Series

- Perfect External Battery Pack Solution

- Green Power Design for Energy Saving

- 24h Bring in Service, you'll get the repaired device back within 24h after we recieved the defect


- Reduce Cost up to 300.00 per UPS solution (1.0-10.0 kVA)

- Can be according to your request to change the UPS specification

- Partner conditions: 3 Years Warranty for UPS (Standard 2 years)

- Partner conditions: 2 Years Warranty for Battery Bank (Standard 1 year)

- Warranty Extension & Express Service are available


High Level Custos Series / OPF 0.9 / LCD

Rack-Tower 2 in 1 Design / Single Phase

1.0 kVA Rack/Tower Standard Backup

2.0/3.0kVA Rack/Tower Long Backup

6.0/10.0kVA Rack/Tower Long Backup



Standard UPS Knight Single Phase

Tower/Rack (Economic)

1.0/2.0/3.0 kVA Tower Standard

3.0/6.0 kVA Rack long Backup




Standard UPS Champ Single Phase

Tower (Economic)

1.0/2.0/3.0 kVA Tower Standard



High Value 3-Phase UPS Proline TW Tower

3P in / 3P out with Battery Bank Solution

10.0 / 20.0 / 30.0 kVA long Run




High Value 3-Phase UPS Proline TW Tower

3P in / 1P out with Battery Bank Solution

10.0 / 20.0 kVA long Run





M-Plus 3P/3P

Long Backup modular Design 30/42U

30 - 210 kVA






  FSP Line Interactive UPS Systems



High Quality Line Interactive UPS

Eufo Series Pure Sinewave  / LCD Display / Single Phase

Rack/Tower 2 in 1 Design / OPF 0.8

1.1 / 2.0 / 3.0 kVA with Battery Pack Solution









Batterie Bank Solution



SNMP/Relay Cards /

Bypass Switch (MBS)




Knight Series


Battery Pack (top)

Rack Version (bottom)

Custos 9X+ 2/3kVA


Proline TW Series

UPS (left)

Battery Pack (right)

Mplus Series




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